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Blovedream: A Leading UHF Handheld Reader Manufacturer

When it comes to cutting-edge technology in the realm of UHF handheld readers, Blovedream stands out as a prominent and innovative player in the market. As a renowned UHF handheld reader manufacturer, the company has earned its reputation for delivering top-quality solutions that cater to various industries’ specific needs.

A Legacy of Excellence

Blovedream’s commitment to excellence dates back to its establishment in 2008. Since then, the company has continuously evolved to meet the dynamic demands of the market. With rich experience in PDA production, Blovedream has become a trusted name for those seeking UHF handheld readers that offer exceptional performance and durability. The company’s unique modular design approach ensures that their products meet the specific requirements of various application environments.

UHF Handheld Reader N41U: A Game Changer

One of Blovedream’s flagship products, the Blovedream UHF Handheld Reader N41U, is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation. This handheld reader is equipped with an ultra-high-frequency UHF module, boasting a remarkable reading and writing distance of up to 11 meters. It can read not less than 200 RFID tags simultaneously, making it a versatile solution for industries requiring precise and efficient data collection.

OEM and ODM Services

Blovedream proudly offers OEM and ODM services, allowing businesses to tailor their UHF handheld readers to their exact specifications. This flexibility in customization is a testament to Blovedream’s commitment to meeting and exceeding their customers’ requirements. Whether you are looking for unique features, branding, or specific integrations, Blovedream can deliver a solution that suits your needs.

The Perfect Balance: Durability and Performance

Blovedream’s N41U boasts a robust design that can withstand harsh environments with an IP65 industrial grade protection rating. It’s not just waterproof and dust-proof; it can also handle drops of up to 1.2 meters without a hiccup. With a powerful Cortex-A53 quad-core 64-bit 2.0GHZ CPU and ample RAM, this handheld reader ensures smooth and efficient operations, no matter the task at hand.


In conclusion, Blovedream has established itself as a trusted and innovative UHF handheld reader manufacturer. Their commitment to providing quality products, along with their focus on customization through OEM and ODM services, sets them apart in the industry. The Blovedream UHF Handheld Reader N41U is a prime example of their dedication to delivering high-performance, durable, and efficient solutions. Whether you are looking for standard UHF handheld readers or customized options, Blovedream is a name you can rely on.

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