What is Thai HiLo? How to play Thai HiLo and win big at Nhà cái uy tín

Thai HiLo is one of the games in the 3D GAMES genre that is receiving attention of many people participating in live betting and exchange rewards.

So why does this betting game attract so much attention? Right now, follow the article below to get the answer to that question.
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What is Thai HiLo?

Thai HiLo is a game that is no longer strange to those who are passionate about dice rolling games in Vietnam.

This game also has a few other names that bettors bet on such as Tai Xiu Thai or another international name – Sic Bo Thai.

The reason this game is called Tai Xiu Thai is because the form of game operation is similar to the Vietnamese Tai Xiu betting game.

Although, this game originally originated from the country it is known as“Land of Golden Temples” – Thailand.

This betting game not only receives attention from Vietnamese players but is also popular in many other countries such as China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, America,…

Most of these countries have an extremely special favor for this game because it contains many attractive and thrilling features during the betting process.

This game is arranged in category3D GAMES So when participating in this game experience, you will enjoy many modern amenitiessuch as: vibrant music background, creating a lot of excitement, sharp display images, details set using advanced 3D techniques, many new functions installed into the interface,…

Moreover, for this game, many bookmakers also arrange an attractive, beautiful, and seductive female dealer to control the bets in an extremely professional way.

Each dice, each bet that a player participates in will be carefully controlled by this dealer to ensure fairness for the players.

More specifically, the characteristics that many people choose this game to get rich are thanks to the forms of betting diversity.

Each betting table for this game has 36 different betting pools corresponding to each separate rate level to serve players.

Instructions on how to play Thai HiLo betting

(1) Betting control kit

One of the indispensable elements in a betting game of the Thai folk entertainment genre is the equipment, right?

These items will be used by the game manager to control the bet as well as serve the players during the participation process.

The dice and the beautiful dealer are indispensable elements in Thai Hilo

Below are the tools that appear in a Thai HiLo betting game that you will easily encounter:

  • The betting table contains 36 betting cards is the first indispensable item for this bet to take place, right? Thus, these 36 bets will be arranged clearly and logically in the rotating order fixed on that betting table.
  • 3 dice (also known as dice) is a cube-shaped object displaying 6 different sides corresponding to 6 score levels specified in the game. Each side printed on the dice will appear in turn from 1 to 6 so players can understand it easily.
  • A set of tools used to roll dice is the last item needed to participate in that bet. This tool set is also quite simple and easy to find because it only requires a plate that can be compatible with a bowl or a bowl. Choose how these kits can swap the positions of the dice rolled inside.

(2) Game rules

The rules for operating the Thai HiLo betting game are not too difficult to access because it still has similarities with the Vietnamese Sic Bo betting game..

Therefore, you only need to note a few of the following characteristics to be able to participate in this game immediately:

  • First, the house will start using the dice shaking tool mentioned above with the purpose of disturbing the position of each stone.
  • Next, the female dealer controlling the betting game will begin to gently place that set of tools on the betting table to maintain their position. At this moment, the dealer will press back in time for the player to choose the bet that they predict will match the result (this time period will usually be in the range of 12 – 15 seconds).
  • Please note that, if the betting time has ended, the house will lock the bets and subsequent predictions will not be counted, so please be quick.
  • Right now, the dealer will open the initial dice rolling set to reveal the number of points hidden inside. That way, both the player and the house can know how many points the result really is, right?
  • Finally, if the player’s initial prediction matches the result, the house will pay the winnings. Just like that, the new bet is conducted similarly to the previous one.

Besides, In the rules of this game, you also enjoy a quite special feature which is x2 times the initial bonus points.

Just click on the “BONUS” icon set in the game interface, the player will double the bonus if they win.

(3) Forms of betting

The betting form of Thai HiLo game after being introduced to Vietnam has become much more diverse and richer.

Because there are quite a lot of people participating in this game, many forms of betting will help players have more suitable choices for their skills and capital.

Below are basic and complex bets that players can click to participate in:
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  • 11 HiLo odds bet is a bet where the player will predict that the total number of points appearing on the 3 dice is 11 points. If that result actually appears and matches the player’s prediction, congratulations.
  • Bet on Over bet is a bet that the player will win if the total number of points appearing on the 3 dice falls between 11 and 17 points.
  • Bet on the Under bet is a bet that has the same participation form as the Over bet but is opposite in the detailed betting numbers because this bet will allow players to bet on numbers limited from 4 points to 10 points.
  • Bet on a specific number is a bet in which the player can bet on a certain point level and that point level must overlap with the result to win.
  • Bet on Over/Under with a certain numberh is a bet with quite difficult odds because the participant not only specifically predicts a number in the Over/Under bet but also has to indicate what that number is.
  • Betting on a bet with 3 consecutive sets of numbersis a bet with an extremely high payout rate because the player needs to choose a bet in which there are only fixed sets of numbers for players to choose from such as 1 – 2 – 3 or sets of numbers 4 – 5 – 6 only.

(4) Odds

Bonus payout rate for players at the house Nhà cái uy tín Prestige will be compatible with the difficulty level of that bet, so you need to pay attention when choosing a form of betting in the game Thai HiLo.

Therefore, do not rush to choose a bet just because you see a high payout rate without paying attention to other factors.

Below are the payout rates for each form of betting mentioned above:

  • Odds level for 11 HiLo betBet 1 wins 5 times, so if the final result is 11 points, the player will receive a bonus of 5 times.
  • Odds for Over/Under bets If you bet 1, the player will win 1 times more – that is, if you bet 100,000 VND when the result is exactly as predicted by the player, the additional money received will be 100,000 VND.
  • The odds for a bet are fixed on one number It will be 2 or 3 times the initial bonus amount.
  • The odds for Over/Under bets include a fixed numberThe winning rate is much higher because it is 2, 3, 4 times the player’s initial capital.
  • Odds for bets on 3 sets of numbersThis is the bet with the highest payout rate because the player can win 12 times the bonus.

(5) Redeem rewards

The reward redemption process set up in this game is also quite simple and easy to understand because usually bookmakers synchronize this process with each other.

As soon as the player wins the bet, they only need to take steps related to personal information, linked accounts, payment methods, etc.

Otherwise, the house side will solve this problem by installing an automation system or letting a specialist re-authenticate the player’s identity.

For details on how to withdraw money at Nhà cái uy tín, see:WITHDRAW WINNING BETS AT Nhà cái uy tín

Once completed, the house will automatically transfer money directly to the player’s personal account at the same rate as in the bet.

Instructions for playing Thai HiLo at Nhà cái uy tín

Step 1: Click on a link that the house has provided to players to access the official system of the address providing Nhà cái uy tín bets.

Step 2:Log in to the personal account that the player has previously joined by filling in the information “User name”and“Password”. But if this is the first time you access this bookmaker system, you can click to select a category “Register” to create a private account by entering full personal information, linked account,… to participate in betting.

Step 3: Once you have a personal account, the account needs to have money in order to participate in betting, right? Category “Recharge” Set up by the house in the right corner of the home page interface so you can search and proceed with ease.

Step 4:At this time, players can return to the original home page to click on the betting category “3D GAMES” arranged on the house’s menu bar.

Step 5:At this step, players need to continue to choose 1 of 2 betting halls to be able to bet on this game – Kingmakers betting hall.

Step 6:Finally, you need to choose the betting game that this article has been talking about – the betting game Thai HiLo to start these bets immediately.

Step 7: Once in the game, players will take the necessary steps for a bet such as: choosing a betting room suitable for their initial capital.

Tips for playing Thai HiLo that are easiest to win today

To be able to win any game, players need to pay attention to many things and learn more experience Right.

This is completely reasonable in an entertainment genre that involves elements of chance such as the Thai Hilo betting game.

Therefore, you can refer to the following tips to get closer to winning in this bet:

  • The bookmaker providing the odds is always an important factor that determines the quality of the player’s experience when participating in betting in this genre. Because if you choose an address that offers poor quality bets, the utilities and functions will certainly be significantly limited.
  • A money-input plan set up before you participate in betting is something that players need to do if they want to have good control over their capital.
  • Creating a strategy in each betting round will help players increase their odds of winning because they will visualize what will happen in the upcoming bet.
  • Statistics of the bets that have just taken place (at least 10 bets) to calculate the probability of appearing and not appearing for each point level in this game.
  • Pay attention to the betting choices of expert players to calculate the probability of that type of betting.

Thai HiLo is truly a betting game that attracts a large number of participants because of its extremely special features and characteristics. Right.

The game possesses so many interesting features, so what are you waiting for? Press the join button to enjoy many incentives from bookmaker Nhà cái uy tín.

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