How to Catch Over/Under – 8+ Analysis Tips from Experts

Got it how to catch over/under, Participants can predict the outcome of the next bet. You will be able to make many accurate and correct betting decisions by understanding the rules from previous games. Right in this article, kubet mb will help players better understand the betting of over/under.

What is the correct understanding of how to bet on Over/Under?

Picking or predicting is understood as a way to predict the result of the next bet. It can be said that this is an important skill that helps you master the game and optimize your winning efficiency. By grasping the trends of previous results, participants will provide in-depth analysis and evaluation.

Normally, you need to rely on the results of 10 consecutive games to make these moves How to catch over/under. However, a few cases require players to follow a longer series, up to 20 – 30 sessions is normal. In turn, you can evaluate the resulting trends and patterns in more detail.

Understanding the tips for winning over and under and combining effective planning with money is an important key to success. Therefore, players must learn more from experts and stay alert and patient. At that time, you can completely conquer over and under without having to rely on luck.

What are the benefits of applying the over/under bridge method?

In fact, players will receive many practical values ​​if they know how to predict over/under. That’s why this topic is becoming more and more interested by gamers. Specifically:

  • Participants will predict the betting outcome accurately and correctly. Thereby increasing your chances of winning and earning bonuses from the game.
  • You can learn how to evaluate and analyze the game by applying the method of predicting over and under.
  • The risk of losing a bet because of making the wrong investment decision is also significantly reduced when you understand how the game works.
  • More than how to make money, mastering the prediction method also helps you develop your knowledge and skills,…

Summary of 9 accurate ways to catch over/under from experts

You can apply many ways to bet on over/under and predict the results. Among them, experts highly appreciate the methods below. Newbies should take notes and apply them to their games to analyze bets.

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Looking for help

Simply explained, it means that the result will appear exactly 1 Over or Under result in about 5 – 6 consecutive games. With How to catch over/under Here, you can identify the signs in 3-4 betting sessions.

If you notice that the bridge is flat, the player should invest according to the method 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8. If you lose in this series, return to the original 1 unit bet and until the break occurs. The bridge just stopped.

Check the rhythm 1 – 1

How to catch over/under The 1 – 1 span is also known as the island bridge or volley bridge. Here, the results will appear alternately with 1 Over and 1 Under game. Normally, the bridge will gradually stabilize in the 3rd game and last for about 7 – 8 consecutive beats. After detecting the reverse bridge chain, players need to invest heavily in the early stages of the bridge and gradually reduce the bet level in later sessions.
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Bridge 1 – 2 – 3

You can imagine How to catch over/under This is a prediction based on the result 1 – 2 – 3. That is, the statistical table will appear a series of 1 Over – 2 Under – 3 Over or vice versa and stable from the 6th game onwards. The frequency of this bridge will last for about 12 consecutive sessions, so you need to bet in the middle and pile up high money at the end until the bridge breaks.

Look at the rhythm 3 – 2 – 1

Similar How to catch over/under above, but the ratio here will be 3 – 2 – 1 for the bet result. You will see the statistics table display 3 Over – 2 Under – 1 Over or vice versa. This rule will also be stable from the 6th game and last for 12 consecutive sessions. So, apply the same method to money: start in the middle and be aggressive in the end.

Prediction 2 – 2 – 1

This is also How to catch over/under following a simple formula that beginners can apply. Not too different from the above two methods, the ratio here will be 2 – 2 – 1 representing the result 2 Over – 2 Under – 1 Over or vice versa. However, this demand sign will be evident in the 5th session and players can bet big when determined.

Bridge 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

How to catch over/under This is relatively more complicated than the remaining formulas. You need to spend about 10 sessions to monitor the signals of the bridge to see if the result is 4 Over – 3 Under – 2 Over – 1 Under or vice versa. From the 11th game, players can bet heavily and this bridge will run stably for 15 – 20 betting sessions.

Look for 2 beats

How to catch over/under The 2 spans are a combination of a flat bridge and an island bridge. However, the results will rotate after 2 beats in the form of Over Over – Under Under and need 4 games to be sure. If you confirm that the bridge is running with 2 spans, you should enter money according to the formula 1 – 3 – 4 – 1 and switch to another method until the bridge breaks.

Bridge in a series of 4 beats – How to catch over/under bridges unbeaten

4 spans is an advanced bridging method compared to 2 spans. Easy to understand explanation, players will see 4 consecutive games and the appearance of 1 alternating result. Such as Under – Under – Over – Under, Over – Over – Under – Over or Under – Over – Over – Under – Under,… However, the special feature of this form of bridge is that it only repeats once. So after discovering that the bridge runs 4 times, bet on the 5th session and stop on the 8th session.

Jumping bridge – Break the bridge

You need to have certain determination and trade-offs if you want to apply the strategy of breaking the bridge or jumping the bridge. According to expert reviews, players need to change methods after applying a series of methods How to catch over/under.

That means you follow 3-5 games then stop and proactively change to a completely new bridge. Although risky, this method can bring players great benefits. It is important that you clearly understand the trend of the bridge to break the bridge at the right time.

Apply the method of catching over/under and some important notes

In addition to understanding the prediction formula, players should also remember a few important things. Thereby, you can improve the effectiveness of predicting results and limit unnecessary errors. Specifically:

  • Understand the principles of the game to calculate and analyze in-depth rules.
  • Regularly monitor the history table to apply the correct way to bet on the game of Sic Bo.
  • Learn more knowledge and experience from experts and masters to hone your prediction skills,…

Kubet has compiled the How to catch over/under effective that newbies can learn. Please refer to and apply in the game to optimize your chances of winning. Wishing you success, accurate predictions and great rewards!

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