EURO 2024 The Hottest Football Championship Today

EURO 2024 is the desire of millions of football fans on the continent who are flocking to the top football championship tournament. With the presence of the world’s strongest teams, it promises to bring many surprising, dramatic and classy matches. Let’s link vào U888 Find out the most detailed information about EURO 2024 in the article below!

EURO 2024 – European Football Championship 2024

EURO 2024 – The European Football Congress will take place next June and is considered one of the biggest tournaments on the planet. Here is important information about this much-awaited sporting event:

A few words about the continent’s largest football tournament EURO 2024

Event time and hosting country

This will be the 17th time this major tournament is organized by UEFA, the European football federation. Germany will host this prestigious event for the third time after 1988 and 2024 on its soil.

The opening match will take place at 2:00 a.m. on June 15 (Vietnam time) with the opening match between the German team, the current European champions, and Scotland at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

The final is scheduled to take place at the same time in the morning on July 15 at the legendary Olympiastadion in Berlin, where the 2006 World Cup final took place.

Where is the EURO 2024 tournament held?

Germany is a country rich in sports facilities, with many modern and large-scale stadiums. At EURO 2024, the organizing committee has selected 10 Stadiums that meet strict standards in 10 different cities to host the matches.

Berlin will have the honor of hosting the opening match at the Olympiastadion stadium with a capacity of 70,000 spectators. In addition, matches also take place in large stadiums such as Munich Football Arena (67,000 seats), BVB Stadion Dortmund (66,000 seats), Stuttgart Arena (54,000 seats).

Other cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg and Leipzig will also welcome teams and fans.

Germany is the hosting country EURO 2024

Number of teams participating in EURO 2024

EURO 2024 is one of the biggest tournaments on the planet, so winning the right to participate is definitely the top goal of any European national team.

Criteria for selecting teams in EURO 2024

The remaining teams have to go through a fierce competition in the European qualifiers to win tickets. Achievements, class and form in the qualifying round will be important criteria for UEFA to select the best team to add to the official tournament group.

List of teams expected to attend EURO 2024

EURO 2024 will witness the participation of 24 teams from all European countries. As the host country of the tournament, the German team has an automatic right to qualify for the final round in Group A.

This is the 14th consecutive time since 1972 that the German National Team (formerly West Germany) has won the right to attend the EURO Finals. Previously, they had won the championship three times in this tournament in 1972, 1980 and 1996.

There are 24 teams that will participate in EURO 2024

Below is a detailed list of teams participating in the EURO 2024 final:

  • Group A: Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Hungary
  • Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania
  • Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, England, Serbia
  • Group D: Poland, Netherlands, France, Austria
  • Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania
  • Group F: Türkiye, Georgia, Czech Republic, Portugal

Detailed competition schedule at EURO 2024

Match 1 of group stage

Time Match Board
15/06/2024 2:00 Germany vs Scotland A
15/06/2024 20:00 Hungary vs Switzerland A
15/06/2024 23:00 Spain vs Croatia B
16/06/2024 2:00 Italia vs Albania B
16/06/2024 20:00 Ba Lan vs Hà Lan D
16/06/2024 23:00 Slovenia vs Denmark C
17/06/2024 2:00 Serbia vs England C
17/06/2024 20:00 Romania vs Ukraine AND
17/06/2024 23:00 Belgium vs Slovakia AND
18/06/2024 2:00 Austria vs France D
18/06/2024 23:00 Türkiye vs Georgia F
19/06/2024 2:00 Portugal vs Czech Republic F

Match 2 of group stage

Time Match Board
19/06/2024 20:00 Croatia vs Albania B
19/06/2024 23:00 Germany vs Hungary A
20/06/2024 2:00 Scotland vs Switzerland A
20/06/2024 20:00 Slovenia vs Serbia C
20/06/2024 23:00 Denmark vs England C
21/06/2024 2:00 Spain vs Italy B
21/06/2024 20:00 Slovakia vs Ukraine AND
21/06/2024 23:00 Poland vs Austria D
22/06/2024 2:00 Netherlands vs France D
22/06/2024 20:00 Georgia vs Czech Republic F
22/06/2024 23:00 Türkiye vs Portugal F
23/06/2024 2:00 Belgium vs Romania AND

Match 3 of group stage

Time Match Board
24/06/2024 2:00 Switzerland vs Germany A
24/06/2024 2:00 Scotland vs Hungary A
25/06/2024 2:00 Croatia vs Italia B
25/06/2024 2:00 Albania vs Spain B
25/06/2024 23:00 Netherlands vs Austria D
25/06/2024 23:00 France vs Poland D
26/06/2024 2:00 England vs Slovenia C
26/06/2024 2:00 Denmark vs Serbia C
26/06/2024 23:00 Slovakia vs Romania AND
26/06/2024 23:00 Ukraine vs Belgium AND
27/06/2024 2:00 Czech Republic vs Türkiye F
27/06/2024 2:00 Georgia vs Portugal F

Round 1/8

Time Match Board
29/06/2024 23:00 Group A runner-up vs Group B runner-up 1
30/06/2024 2:00 Group A winner vs Group C runner-up 2
30/06/2024 23:00 Group C winner vs best 3rd place D/E/F 3
01/07/2024 2:00 Group B winner vs best 3rd place A/D/E/F 4
01/07/2024 23:00 Group D runner-up vs Group E runner-up 5
02/07/2024 2:00 Group F winner vs best 3rd place A/B/C 6
02/07/2024 23:00 Group E winner vs best 3rd place A/B/C/D 7
03/07/2024 2:00 Group D winner vs Group F runner-up 8


Time Match Board
05/07/2024 23:00 Win 1/8-3 vs Win 1/8-1 1
06/07/2024 2:00 Win 1/8-5 vs Win 1/8-6 2
06/07/2024 23:00 Win 1/8-4 vs Win 1/8-2 3
07/07/2024 2:00 Win 1/8-7 vs Win 1/8-8 4


Time Match Board
10/07/2024 2:00 Win TK1 vs Win TK2 1
11/07/2024 2:00 Win TK3 vs Win TK4 2


Time Match Board
15/07/2024 2:00 Win BK1 vs Win BK2 1


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