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Elevate Your Advertising with BAKO’s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 LED Display

When it comes to outdoor advertising, BAKO‘s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 LED Display is the ultimate choice for reliable performance. Their unparalleled waterproof design ensures that your display remains intact and functional, no matter the weather conditions. With BAKO’s led display screen for advertising outdoor SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0, you can advertise with confidence, knowing that their LED display screen is built to withstand even the most challenging environments. The module frame is specifically designed to ensure optimal functionality, delivering exceptional performance in harsh outdoor settings. Whether it’s rain, snow, or extreme temperatures, BAKO’s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 LED Display stands strong and delivers your message flawlessly.

Versatile Front and Rear Service Options for Easy Maintenance

BAKO understands the importance of hassle-free maintenance and uptime for your advertising campaigns. That’s why their SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 LED Display offers versatile front and rear service options. With both front and rear service capabilities, maintenance tasks are simplified, allowing you to quickly and easily address any issues that may arise. This user-friendly feature ensures maximum uptime for your advertising display, minimizing any disruptions to your campaigns. BAKO’s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 LED Display puts you in control, providing a seamless and efficient experience for effortless servicing and maintenance.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Impressive Specifications

BAKO’s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 LED Display is equipped with cutting-edge technology and impressive specifications, making it a top choice for outdoor advertising. With a range of pixel pitch options, including P1.86, P4, P5, P6.67, P8, and P10, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect LED display screen for advertising outdoor. BAKO’s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 also offers various LED lamp options, such as SMD1111, SMD1515, SMD1921, SMD2727, and SMD3535, allowing you to achieve the optimal balance of brightness, pixel density, and service options for your specific advertising needs. With BAKO’s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 LED Display, you can create captivating and impactful displays that grab the attention of your target audience.


In conclusion, BAKO’s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 LED Display is the perfect solution to elevate your outdoor advertising campaigns. With its unparalleled waterproof design, versatile service options, cutting-edge technology, and impressive specifications, BAKO’s SPACESHIP SERIES 2.0 stands out as a reliable and high-performance LED display screen for advertising outdoor. Trust BAKO and their exceptional products to deliver the visibility and impact you desire for your advertising endeavors.

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