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Boost Efficiency and Accuracy with Pharmapack’s ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter

The ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter, developed by Pharmapack, is a cutting-edge tablet counting machine designed to revolutionize pharmaceutical packaging processes. Its modular design allows for flexibility and customization according to specific production requirements. With a full servo-control system, this machine ensures precise and efficient counting, inspection, bottle filling, and weighing operations. Pharmapack’s ALFM-32C offers pharmaceutical companies a versatile solution to streamline their packaging workflows.

Multifunctionality for Comprehensive Quality Control

The ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter is more than just a tablet counting machine. It serves as a multifunctional workstation that integrates several critical operations. Alongside its counting capabilities, this machine provides exceptional 100% visual inspection of tablets, capsules, and soft gels. This comprehensive quality control feature ensures that only products meeting the highest standards are included in each bottle. Pharmapack’s ALFM-32C enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to maintain stringent quality control measures, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled Accuracy through Visual Inspection

Accurate tablet counting is of utmost importance in pharmaceutical packaging. The ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter leverages advanced visual inspection technology to achieve unparalleled accuracy. Each tablet, capsule, or soft gel is visually inspected to ensure precise counting, eliminating the risk of overfilling or underfilling bottles. This level of accuracy not only reduces product waste but also enhances overall efficiency in the packaging process. Pharmapack’s ALFM-32C guarantees reliable and consistent counting results, providing pharmaceutical companies with peace of mind and optimized production.


Pharmapack’s ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter is a game-changer in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. With its modular design, full servo-control system, and multifunctionality, this machine offers enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy. The inclusion of 100% visual inspection ensures the highest standards of quality control, while the advanced counting technology guarantees precise tablet counting for each bottle. Pharmaceutical companies can rely on Pharmapack’s ALFM-32C to streamline their packaging processes, reduce errors, and deliver superior products to their customers. Experience the power of this cutting-edge tablet counting machine and revolutionize your pharmaceutical packaging workflow with Pharmapack’s ALFM-32C In-Motion Modular Counter.

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